I’ve been working in media since 2002. I started out doing a radio show, turned this into a magazine, and then just kept going.

The largest media projects I’ve produced are LOLA Magazine and Alternative Ulster, and I’ve also worked on a wide range of other projects.


I'm the Founder, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of LOLA. Launched in 2016, LOLA is a cultural magazine about the people and stories that make Berlin unique. It covers music, art, film, human interest and more. Seven issues have been published to date and issue eight is currently in production.

You can see full PDFs of each issue and enjoy exclusive digital content at LOLAmag.de, and connect with the magazine on Facebook and Instagram.

If you'd like to talk to me about anything LOLA related you can do so via [email protected].

Lola & The Bean

I'm a co-founder and team lead for Lola & The Bean, the creative agency wing of LOLA Magazine. We operate as a collective that provides editorial, photography, design and programming services for various clients.

The agency was officially founded in September 2020, and since then we have worked on projects with film director Yony Leyser and Berlin hot sauce brand Crazy Bastard.

AU (Alternative Ulster)

I was the Founder, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of AU (Alternative Ulster) from 2002 until 2012. AU started out as a radio show and website in 2002, before being developed into a print publication in 2003.

The magazine was a monthly music, culture and lifestyle mag distributed across the UK and Ireland. It placed special focus on Northern Irish and Irish music and culture. I was 23 when we launched the first issue, and across the next decade we published a total of 81 issues.

In addition to publishing the magazine we also ran events, produced a TV show, engaged in teaching work and more.

The team that worked on AU was completely amazing and the secret to its success. Many of the contributors involved went on to have ongoing careers in media and music.


Next Generation Living was an online magazine focused on the people and organisations working at the intersection of change and helping shape the conversations of the future. It was developed as a joint project between The Beam Magazine and Viessmann, and it is now part of St Oberholz.

I worked as the Head of Creative Production for the project, assembling the web design and development team, photographers, editors and writers. I managed all of the editorial processes and productions along with the social media strategy.

We produced a series of high-quality international features in places like Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen and the U.S. You can see all of the features on the website and Instagram.


I was the writer and researcher for the Future Trends content series for Cleantechnica.com. This series examined the role that technology plays in global issues, with a special focus on the environment and innovative companies. You can see the full series on the Future Trends subsite.


In addition to these core projects I have also provided editorial services to clients such as Zalando, LAMA, ABCD Agency and GridHub.

If you'd like to speak with me about any freelance editorial projects, reach out via [email protected]